really BIG horns

these are some big horns! i just want to take them and stick them on a big ass truck, maybe put a recliner and a TV in the bed. I'll call it the red-neck mobile! he he

Reptile pics sent in from Dr. Konrad Mebert, Ph.D. nat. sc.
Alte Obfelderstrasse 44
8910 Affoltern am Albis

according to Dr. Konrad Mebert's title of this image, this is an agama lizzard, and since the scorpion is not black, I'm assuming it is one of the deadly ones (although I will know more when next I talk to Dr. Mebert again and get more information about these pics). It was taken in Xanthos and this pic was staged. He placed the 2 creatures together for the pic. For those of you who may be interested in our fellow scaled friends. Below are a few more pictures. the top one is another agama lizzard taken in Ephesus. and the bottom pic is a Male Montivipera Xanthia biting into what appears to be a Styrofoam board. That last one I am just fascinated by.  Artistically well done. I love the detail in the scales. The eyes are eerily beautiful.

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