the penis stretecher! SERIOUSLY!!! LMAO!

I came across this Add the otherday while searching for distributors for my web-mall. I was laughing so freakin' hard! Take the time to read this screen shot, this is not a pill you take to increase your penis size, but rather a device you WEAR that is supposed to STRETCH a man's PENIS! Now, I'm a woman...but I can only imagine how uncomfortable this must be. lmao! now this company claims you can wear this while sleeping...hmmm...what kind of guy will be able to sleep when his penis is being stretched (aside from those bdsm people that is)? This sounds almost medevil in it's approach, like the ancient oriental tradition of foot binding or something. I don't see how anyone would go for something like this when you can pop a pill and do the same thing. Anyway...if anyone would like to comment about this post, I put a comment box below. It would be interesting to know if anyone has actually bought this product. lol. and WHY!!!! lmao! might make for a good story. lol.

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Head up your ass

Ummm....Last time I checked...I think bears can climb...Scary thought.

This poor guy. lol. Where's that gun when you need it NOW? I don't think the camera is gonna help you much buddy. Hope you have your will filled out.  A bear is capeable of crushing a human skull in it's jaws like it was nothing more than a tomato. I bet he had to clean his under shorts after THIS encounter!

dead pixie

ok...i'm pretty sure this is photoshop...but the pagan part of me wants to believe dangit! lol. it IS pretty realistic though...and the pollice evidence bag in the background is pretty convincing....hmmm...makes ya think. lol maybe you WEREN'T imagining that monster under your bed when u were a kid. lmao!

world's largest puranna...wanna go swimming?

not sure if I spelled that right but doesn't this make you want to go swimming? I have heard that a school of peruanna or puranna (however the heck it's spelled) can completely strip a full grown water buffalo within less than a minute. and if they look like THIS! ...I can believe it!

weird frog

dispite it's almost alien look, this frog is actually kind of cute. lol.

trying to cross the border is a great site. I found this pic of a very creative way a mexan found to try and cross the border, but even the best laid plans tend to go awry.


funny my bf has pics like these on his walls. hmmm. lol.

unicorns love children, they taste like chicken

this is kind of disturbing, lol. but funny

one cool ass mom

I wish my mom was this cool growing up, we probably would have got along much better. lol

how true is this. lol

I love this one. and it's amazing the differance a little punctuation can make. lol

what every woman wishes she had

wouldn't this be great girls? personally i think if they could get this to work it would seriously decrease the divorce rate. lol. the perfect remote, got to love it!

ummm....yea. ok.

obviously it's not bottomless now is it? lol

big dick's

kind of self explanitory humor really, but funny as hell.

really pretty snake

this is a cool pic of a snake I found while cruising the net one day. I can't remember the name of the species off hand, but it is rather pretty the way it is almost irridescent, and the colors are really wild. I have a python myself as a pet, and always found snakes to be very graceful for a creature born with no arms or legs. and their strength is amazing at times.

you know you're having a bad day when...

something tells me this guy is about to have a VERY bad day.

comment submission from PDub

I don't think so! It's a dolphin.

Response from Raven's World:

honestly, I think it's a really good photoshop edit, but that shaddow is most definately NOT a dolphin. the mouth is set too far back from the nose of the animal. a dolphin's teeth are in it's snout. you can clearly see the open mouth set far back on the head, and speaking as someone who has spent alot of time on the water, and seen alot of different various species of ocean life, this is most definately some kind of shark. Or at least intended to look like one. it would be quite easy to edit a shaddow of a shark in the water, and since the guy on the surfbord doesn't look alarmed in any way, I'm inclined to believe it's an edited photo. But it's a pretty funny one all the same. BESIDES...dolphins are a deep water species. usually found in over 100 feet or more. and I can speak as someone with a large amount of experience with ocean travel and oceal life, as I am an avid fisherman, I  know waves like these are found near shore lines.  (meaning shallow water) so if there really IS a large fish there it would more likely be a shark as they are known to come into shore to feed on the seals that are chasing the bait fish.

weird tree 1

another weird looking tree. somehow I think this one had a little outside help though. if you know what species this is contact Raven

weird tree 2

a weird looking tree. if anyone knows what kind this is, contact Raven with the info. thanks.


I thought this picture was artistically done to perfection. how many of us have felt like this growing up? i love the way the tree is mirrored in the window. and the worn paint really adds to the gloomy feel of the picture.

who says pitbulls are vicious?

with all the bad press the pit bull gets, I just felt I need to stick up for them. I owned one myself, and have had many other dogs in the past, and can honestly say that the pit bull was the sweetest most lovable and highly intelligent dog i ever owned. and if you ask me i think they are rather cute. but tell me...does this dog look aggressive to you? lol.

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