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cursed winds

sail the seas, plunder and sink ships, collect gold and upgrade your ship and crew. set sail and battle pirates on the high seas.

Sorry, you will need the <a href='http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/' target='_blank'>Flash Player</a> to play this game.
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the chat engine that is a game

this is kind of like sims in that you get a 3-D  avatar that you can buy things for and chat with in custom 3-D rooms that you buy with credits earned from chatting and refering your friends. Come join the millions of imvu chat gamers. download this small file (slightly larger than 10mb ,some slower computers may have trouble. most fairly modern ones can keep up though) Truely a fun little chat game. and alot of detail. almost like really chatting to a person. and so many ways to customise your own personal look that you can truely look like YOU or who ever you WANT to look like. play a fantasy character from fairys to deamons to super heros, or be the diva or don juan, you name it. lol. it's great. just click on any of the banners below to join the fun.

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