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Where did all the cool storys go?

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site growing fast!

Raven's World has been gaining a lot of fans recently. Thank you all for showing your interest in Raven's World! Now... let's start hearing a little feedback from our wonderful readers out there in cyberspace! I just got this cool program that lets me see where you guys are all from. well...within a 3 town range anyway (so not an exact science just town and city) But it comes up with some interesting places, and thought I would thank all of those that deemed themselves entertaining just for the obscurity of their locations or their impressive big city reputations

A special thanks to the following towns and cities for their interest in our site!

United States:

Lawrence Mass/Seabrook NH (I think most of these were from me editing my site however...*pats herself on the back and smiles)

New Jersey/Mt. Laurel


Kentucky/Corbin (My nephew's name is Corbin)

Tennessee/Memphis (Elvis!!! Dude wouldn't it be funny if it was one of those Elvis impersonators! LOL!)

south Carolina/Goose creek

Hmm....seems we have some famous places as well as some obscure places...can someone tell me where goose creek actually is? lol anyway.....continued:

Texas/Irving (I think I know who this might be...Hi Josh!)

Wyoming/Cheyenne (ok, I want to meet this fan. really. I've heard a lot of great things about this place and would love to maybe swap some media files with this person)

Illinois/Chicago WOW.

Texas/FT Worth (ok. this is pretty cool. If this person has any pics of those famous rattlesnakes I'd love to see a few)

Florida/Miami (all I can think of is bikinis and alligators) lol

Missouri/St Loui

South Carolina/Simpsonville ( probably know what I'm thinking here. DOH! *slaps herself on the forehead)

Texas/Houston (cowboys! yippee! Seems I have a lot of southern fans here)

New Jersey/Summet (where TF is THIS?)

Washington/Seattle (could this be my sister? Hi Jen!)

Texas/Austin (more cowboys!)

Colorado/Boulder (bet the view here is pretty nice)

Maine/Biddeford (I've been here) wonder if it is one of my friends. lol

Tennessee/Crossville (Conjers images of very religious "bible thumper types", or a lot of people die here, either way sounds unpleasant) what is this place really like I wonder?

New Hampshire/Manchester (Hi Ray Ray! Peek-a-Boo!lol)

Texas/Dallas (even MORE cowboys *images of dynasty flash in my head)

Now for some more obscure places around the world! the following are fans from around the world that have caught my eye in either having odd names, or from world famous locations!:





Brittish Colombia- Vancouver

Saskatchewan-saskatoon (hmm...all I can think of is the Sasquatch sitting at a computer. lol)

                       -Moose Jaw


Manatoba-Winnipeg (is this where those cool moccasins come from?)

Nova Scotia-Halifax

United Kingdom-

England-London (WOW! even the high class cultures are digging my site!)




             -Stoke on Trent (is this for real? Sounds like a stoner town. lol)


France- Nord-Pas-De-Calais - Lille (have some more hyphens lol)


Republic of Korea

Norway- Oslo


New Zeland-Auckland





              -Tasmania-Launceston (The tasmanian devil comes to mind)

  Russian  Federation- Moskva-Moskow






Thank you all for your continuing support!