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Great easy to use rooms. no sign in or sign up to chat. Just click in the text box and chat away. pick a name when prompted, and it's as easy as that. Share video as easily as copying and pasting an http:// link from your favorite video streaming site, such as You-Tube. Rooms are censored for younger users. if you feel the need to swear and be heard leave spaces between your letters and the word will not be ****ed up if you know what I mean. lol. So come chat now! 


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We just got our first user comment! YIPPIE! I only wish it could be called creative however. just your average Joe/Jayne  trying to plug his or her website but they were kind enough to give me a little feedback in the process, so let's give him/her a little feedback welcome of our own shall we??? Now....I have thought of several ways I could set this up, and I think giving each person a picture and paragraph dedicated to them in their own little section would be kind of nice....whada ya think? So here it goes....

I am going to call this one not enough info dude, but thanks. for the effort. lol THANKS GWILK!!!!

ok....this person didn't leave a pic, so I may either be patient depending on my mood...or put something hilarious up here and maybe get them motivated to send some kind of media in to attach to this comment.  however I feel I should put his e-mail submission quote up here as promised. After all...I am a woman of my word. So here goes..."come check out my page oh yours is cool" (first of all...notice the lack of punctuation...ok...maybe he was in a rush, I can understand, as I have my own website to run as well as an e-store, but who's counting? lol!) but they somehow conveniently left out a LINK to their store. now I responded kindly of course as is my way at heart. lol (honest! I swear!) However...this IS an amusement site so I figure why not have a little fun with it, shall we?  so here goes...I found the perfect site for people desperate enough to spam someone's website .....www.marry-an-ugly-millionaire-online-dating-agency.com

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